Good tort, Charlie Brown! Families run like crazy, and it’s chaotic, to say the least. Here’s my question: Is this the experience you want your kids, nieces, nephews, parents, and friends to remember about their time spent with you, ie, that it’s chaotic and crazy? Hmm….I think not. So here are some time and energy saving ideas for your friends and family.

  1. If your children or other members of your family participate in an organized sport, limit it to one per person per season. This is easier for the child and for the rest of the family. Running like crazy is not building anyone’s relationships or overall health. Pick a sport/person/season.
  2. Have one day or night a week that is “off limits” for anything scheduled, whatsoever. Open calendars – heavenly. These open spaces are protected pockets. Everyone needs that, especially as a family. Being home and eating together, watching a movie, playing board games, chatting (actually… just talking and finding out what’s going on in everyone’s lives), or anything else that’s nice and helps build relationships and the feeling of ahhhh… space.
  3. The day “out of bounds” also refers to you. Regardless of whether you are a member of a ‘traditional’ family or friend group, you need a day/night where you don’t have anything scheduled. It is your protected time. You can rejuvenate and be better for everyone if you have this time and space.
  4. Set ASO time. Too many families are using all their time pockets for screen time (TV, video games, movie rentals, computer, etc.) and should consider setting limits. Start with an “ASO” (“All Screens Off”) time at a certain time or until a certain time.
  5. Define how pockets look and feel to you, in terms of your relationships and time with friends and family.Be clear for yourself first, and then let others in your personal circle know. Find out how he looks and feels to them below. You would be surprised.

Put in protected pockets for and with Your family and friends help keep the chaos at bay and allow you to lead a more peaceful and productive life. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

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