Whether you’re ready to face it or not, school is officially right around the corner! A little thought and planning can help you make a successful transition from the lazy days of summer, so read this list of top tips for back-to-school success.

It’s all about time management. Family planners and organizers are a must have for busy families. Let kids choose a planner or scheduling tool they’re excited to use, and create a family calendar that records everyone’s activities and commitments. Establish a set “family time” each day, either at dinner or before bed.

Don’t forget the rules and regulations.. Update your family’s screen time rules for the school year by determining what is allowed and when, and set your children’s sleep schedules back to “school time” two weeks before the first day. Encourage children to pack their backpacks and pack their school clothes the night before, and use convenient checklists to keep them on track.

Healthy snacks and meals are essential. Save time, add variety, and provide lunches they’ll eat by having kids help pack healthy school lunches. Plus, take the pressure off busy weeknights by feeding your family delicious, healthy meals in less time.

Events and entertainment. Pick an after-school activity your child will love, set up play dates with two or three of your child’s friends to strengthen existing social bonds, and volunteer at school events to see what’s happening at school and connect with other parents.

Remember the three R’s: grind, grind, grind. Children love to have limits and are comfortable knowing what comes next. Establish and enforce regular weekends and bed-in weekends: Spontaneous events and long nights are great, but it feels especially nice to come home to a familiar routine after the excitement wears off. Set guidelines for the rhythm of your life that everyone in your family can follow. It’s a known fact that family routines for meals and chores reduce family stress, so plan mealtimes and chores to make things run smoother at home.

Preparing for back to school can be hectic if you’re not organized, but a few minutes of planning can make the transition smooth and easy. Set your family up for success this fall – Many helpful checklists for busy families can be found online. Print them out and get ready for a new school year!

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