Natural dog treats are ideal for training your growing dog to behave, follow commands, and help him understand his surroundings. Before you buy any natural dog treat, check the label for the following:

Natural pet treats must not contain preservatives, fillers, by-products, grain, corn, wheat or soy fractions and include only natural ingredients.

Freshness can be extended beyond 7 to 10 days with refrigeration because the dog treat can only be used during training sessions, which is probably only three times a week.

Do not go for natural pet treats that taste bland and fall apart, but those that are juicy and strongly scented, particularly if possible shaped like a bone or piece of cheese, etc., which will provide a good chewy fun for your pet. The purpose is to get your puppy excited about training. Natural dog treats are not intended as meal or snack options. They are organic and also come in a variety of interesting flavors.

Also, when choosing natural dog treats, you will have the option of choosing treats that are primarily designed to aid in digestion and improve health, clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth or treats that include worm medicine, antibiotics, etc.

You can also make natural dog treats in your kitchen using innovative recipes with rice and cheese balls. It’s a myth that dog treats can only be non-vegetarian, however, before trying a new recipe, check with your vet. Also, never give your dog candy, chocolate, or chicken bones to chew on. Here are some of the best ways to use natural treats with your pet:

End each play session with a dog treat. This can include running, playing fetch, or romping in the yard over small obstructions.

Conclude each grooming session with a natural pet treat, as this will keep your dog interested in the brushing, bathing, and scrubbing that dogs often shy away from.

Use dog treats for all training commands, from the most complicated to the simplest, but mix them in with other verbal ‘treats’ as well so your dog understands that following a command is necessary even when you’ll get verbal praise, extra petting and praying or just a few taps on the head.

Never use a natural dog treat without any action oriented activity. Your pet should associate meals with ‘non-earned’ events and natural dog treats with ‘earned’ events only.

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