Removing dog poop is not a very pleasant thing to do. I think more people would rather have a root canal than have to bend down and touch that nasty smelly pet waste. OK, maybe I won’t make a visit to the dentist to put up with his torture, but I think you get what I mean. Dog waste disposal is disgusting and very harmful to our environment, unless you’re like the guy who, while working for a certain waste collection company, found $58 worth of dog waste. I guess that made his work worthwhile (at least for the moment). Now this is a dedicated employee of the removal service. In fact, he took the money out of the feces, sanitized it (somehow), and gave it back to the clients he worked for. Now that he is a dog poop scooper he is dedicated to his trade. I have to wonder about the pet friendly people who accepted the money though. I mean I’m all for the mighty dollar (especially 58 of them), but money that’s been sitting in dog poop, I think I’d have to let that $58 go. Here’s an interesting fact, did you know that a bag plastic takes an average of 1,000 years to degrade on its own? The average pet owner uses 14 of these bags per week to clean up pet waste from him, and there are 77 million dogs in the US alone. Now I’m not a mathematician, but that equates to a lot of plastic harming our environment, as I see it. And not to mention the way dog ​​waste pollutes our landfills and raises bacteria levels on our beaches and waterways.

So the question is, what to do with dog poop? You can do like some people and just get a regular plastic bag to put your dogs poop in or maybe be like the more conscientious pet owner and get biodegradable dog poop bags and scoop the poop in them with your scooper. poop and throw it away. , causing all kinds of health hazards, for you and others, by 23 million bacteria made up of fecal cabbage. You can call a moving service and let them take care of that but from my experience they mostly come out only once a week and I know my dogs go a lot more than that how about once every 10 minutes (OK, that’s just after feeding them a burrito.) But every day, I clean up after my boys, and I know if a service came to your house that often, you better have the Rockefeller name to pay for it. I see you get excited, you are thinking that I am finally going to get to the answer about what to do with dooley dog ​​and how to clean up after your dog. But not yet my friends, remember that patience is a virtue.

Another question must be answered first and that is, “what is organic?” These are activities or products that do good for the environment. Sometimes referred to as “green.” Well, this is where I answer the question that everyone has been waiting to hear. How do we prevent pet poop from accumulating if we don’t use any of the methods mentioned above? In a perfect world, you would have an organic spray, which when sprayed on your dog’s manure, would naturally dissolve it in minutes before your eyes without harming your lawn or pet. I mean there are no particular binders that hold the poop together and the poop dissolves on its own when dumped into sewage treatment facilities. And eventually all the components of the dog stuff will be broken down through enzymes like cellulases and pectinases anyway. So why can’t there be an aerosol that speeds up this process? Let me tell dog owners that the perfect world has arrived!

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