It’s always the little things in life that make the biggest difference: smiling at a stranger on the street, holding hands with your partner at the movies, taking out the trash before it overflows, and those damn baboons that seem to require Naval. . Attention to the loose beak.

True, many craftsmen struggle with their chuck. They may be annoying beyond imagination, but users of Makita’s BDF452 18v cordless drill are no longer afraid of their chuck. Although it may still require what some would consider holy patience to remove, there are only a few simple steps to take and you should remove that mandrel in no time.

To get started, recognize the proper safety precautions (i.e. wear safety glasses) and make sure the chuck is fully engaged and the gearbox is in the lowered position. Open the chuck fully and you will see a small screw in the center of the opening. Considering that the screw will have left-hand threads and the chuck will have right-hand threads, remove the screw. If said screw is missing, no problem, it is replaceable and just saves you a step.

Next, insert the smaller (or shorter) end of a large Allen wrench into the chuck and tighten the chuck all the way around. Remember, your drill must be in the low position and the clutch must be in “drill”. With your BDF452 now firmly placed on a bench (or on the floor), and using a blow hammer or rubber mallet, tap the long end of the Allen wrench (hard counterclockwise). The chuck should come loose with the blow. If it doesn’t come loose on the first hit, just repeat until the chuck is released. Since many chucks are held very tightly, it is not abnormal to require a few strokes before releasing them.

If after a series of good knocks your stubborn chuck still won’t come loose, spray some WD-40 into the center of the chuck opening. After allowing the lubricant to settle (for about an hour), repeat the hammering process until the chuck is released.

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