Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

If you’re getting married outdoors, the possibilities for your decor are truly endless. The right accents and details can elevate a rustic garden-themed event or create the ultimate fairytale ceremony backdrop for a backyard nuptial. Luckily, there are tons of creative DIY options available for couples looking to bring their wedding vision to life on a budget. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite outdoor wedding decoration ideas that are sure to impress your guests!

Line your aisle with free-standing floral arrangements for a refined look on a budget. This floral decor trend is also a great choice for centerpieces at your reception tables. Pampas grass is another easy-but-bold option that has taken the wedding circuit by storm for its rustic, bohemian vibes. It’s an especially good fit for mountain, barn, or country wedding inspiration.

A canopy of pastel fabric adds a whimsical touch to a tented backyard wedding and makes an ideal entranceway for a romantic ceremony. Or, use it to create a cozy atmosphere in your tent during the reception. Pair a draped ceiling with simple wedding decor elements like topiaries and lanterns to balance out the style.

5 Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas That Are Sure to Impress Your Guests

Don’t forget the power of string lights when it comes to wedding decor. You can display photos of your loved ones on a ‘family tree’ made from branches or hang them around the dance floor for a twinkling glow. And, if you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic, try ‘raining’ string lights to mimic a night sky.

Use a natural element, like the tree in this grove, as your altar and surround it with white blooms and greenery for a dreamy, forest-inspired ceremony. Or, create a chic focal point with an outdoor chandelier in your wedding venue tent. Then, light it up for a romantic, elegant atmosphere.

If you’re hosting a backyard wedding, don’t be afraid to use rustic wood benches and chairs for your guest seating. They’re an affordable way to add a cozy touch to your rustic garden wedding, and they can easily be repurposed for the reception tables, too. Just be sure to cover them in table runners and coordinating napkins for a seamless aesthetic.

For a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding photo booth idea, hang old picture frames between trees or stands to make for a fun spot where your guests can take wedding pics. If you don’t have any old frames lying around, head to a local thrift or antique shop and ask the owners if they have any empty ones that you can use for your wedding.

An off-season wedding is the perfect time to save on flowers, greenery, and other wedding decorations. Not only will you get a bargain on your supplies, but the off-season will also save you money on a wedding venue. And, if you’re planning to host your nuptials at your own home or someone else’s, you can save even more by skipping the rental fees for things like tents and tables.

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