Seemantham Decoration

Seemantham is the Hindu ritual of gifting pregnant women with gifts, sweets and flowers. It is an important ceremony that is celebrated to show a mother-to-be the love and support of her family. It is also a time for prayer and blessings for the new addition to the family. Traditionally it was performed in the seventh month of pregnancy. It was believed that this was the stage when a baby’s ears could perceive sounds. The chanting of rhythmically repeated mantras was an important part of this ritual.

The ritual is similar to a baby shower. The soon to be mother is adorned with gifts and sarees by her mother-in-law, in-laws, friends and other elderly married women who have a close maternal relationship with her. Her mother applies turmeric paste (pasupu) on her feet, kumkuma and gandham (perfumed paste) on the forehead between her eyebrows and adorns her hair with strings of jasmine flowers. Other elders in the family put traditional glass bangles in her hands. The woman is then offered a plate of food as a ‘Dohale jevan’ and her favourite sweets as a ‘Gudiyattam’.

A modern day baby shower is a westernized version of this ritual that is now followed all over the world. However, in Hyderabad, where traditions are cherished and respected, this function gains an added significance. We at 7events help to keep this special occasion infused with the right amount of tradition and make it a memorable one for all.

Godh Bharai Seemantham Decoration Ideas

If you’re planning a Godh Bharai, Seemantham or any other baby shower, here are some decoration ideas to help you get started! Celebrate the joyous occasion of Godh Bharai or Seemantham with enchanting decorations that add a touch of elegance and cultural significance to the event. Begin by adorning the entrance with vibrant torans made of auspicious marigold flowers and mango leaves, symbolizing prosperity and fertility.

Create a stunning focal point with a traditional seating arrangement for the expecting mother, surrounded by colorful cushions and drapes. Enhance the ambiance with fragrant flowers like jasmine and roses, accentuating the air with their sweet aroma.

Incorporate traditional elements such as ‘Mango Leaf Thoranam,’ a hanging decoration made with mango leaves, flowers, and coconut, believed to bring good luck. Decorate the space with auspicious symbols like elephants and peacocks, representing fertility and prosperity.

Consider a thematic color palette of bright hues like yellow and green, reflecting positivity and growth. Personalize the celebration with custom banners and signs, showcasing the baby’s name or inspiring messages for the mother-to-be.

For a memorable touch, arrange a corner for henna artists to create intricate designs on guests’ hands, symbolizing blessings and good fortune. These thoughtful Godh Bharai seemantham decoration ideas will not only create a visually stunning setting but also infuse the celebration with cultural significance and warmth.

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