Dreams have been here since humanity.

Back in Roman times, striking and significant dreams were presented to the Senate for analysis and interpretation.

In those days, dream interpreters accompanied the military.

leaders into battle. The dreams were extremely significant.

and often seen as messages from the gods.

People with particularly vivid and meaningful dreams were

They were believed to be injured and considered special.

People who had the power to interpret dreams were sought after

up and seen as divinely gifted.

We know the Biblical story of Joseph and how his divine ability

interpreting dreams helped him rise from prison to first

Minister in Egypt.

Daniel’s story is also familiar to many of us. Their ability

interpreting dreams catapulted him from slave boy to first

president in Babylon.

In the Bible, there are more than 50 mentions of dreams.


Because your dreams carry information of vital importance…

in coded form!

Gain an understanding of the hidden secrets of your dreams.

are trying to tell you can give you a crucial advantage in the

life game.

Put another way, gaining the ability to interpret (or analyze) your dreams is powerful.

By analyzing your dreams, you can learn about deep secrets that you might not be able to discover otherwise.

God can give you that special ability to interpret your dreams,

just as HE gave Joseph and Daniel in the Bible.

With this gift, you can unravel many common dream symbols.

and know when:

* money is coming your way… and how to position yourself

to receive

* an opportunity for wealth, success and happiness is looking at you

you right in the face

* there is a warning that you should not ignore

* a change of course can bring spectacular advances in relationships

* God is trying to get your attention

and a lot lot more!

Many dreams are prophetic.

They carry warning and advice signs.

My intention is to explain and show you the biblical meanings of some common dreams. I will also give you the exact prayers to pray in each situation.

You will learn about the type of dreams that signify greatness, prosperity, abundance, wealth, great relationship… and how to pray for them to manifest.

You’ll see real-life examples of famous people and the dreams that opened the door to their success, peace, and prosperity.

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