In the 1990s and early 2000s, all the cyber protection anyone needed was an antivirus and anti-Trojan program. Today, there is everything from phishing attacks to webcam spying. And it’s not just a PC that needs protection – any device that connects to the internet could be hacked or infected. The only thing consumers and businesses can do is invest in the best Internet security software.

But what if you have multiple devices and PCs, each with a different operating system? You will need a software solution that offers a user license for more than one device. Most companies offer a variety of subscription options at different prices. Norton Security Premium, for example, protects up to 10 PCs, iOS, Macs, and Android devices.

Customer service and technical support are crucial when it comes to Internet security solutions. You don’t want to end up with a complicated interface intended for experienced users, unless you have a lot of knowledge and know what to look for. Even if you are experienced, you never know when you may run into a problem. You should be able to contact technical support at any time of the day or night. It is also important to have access to a database of troubleshooting tutorials.

The best internet security software updates automatically to combat all the new threats to come. It is a good idea to go for a program that requires little maintenance.

For a small business setup, centralized administration is extremely important. Norton offers a cloud-based service so you don’t need hardware or a physical server in your office. You can decide which devices (up to 20 for business) get the protection and which employees can install it.

What to Look for in the Best Internet Security Software

Features offered by the best Internet security software:

• Real-time protection against all current and emerging threats

• Protection of financial and private information every time you connect

• Secure backup in the cloud

• Alerts about risky applications before trying to install them

• Protection against identity theft

• Automatic backup of all your financial files, photos and all important documents

• Smart firewall for your home or small business

• Parental controls (for home users) to protect children from harmful content and threats

A 100% guarantee is also essential. There should always be customer support provided by experts to help you set everything up. For most people, Norton Security Premium and Deluxe are the best Internet security software solutions.

Get comprehensive protection for your data and identity in a single solution. All you need is the best internet security software. There are different plans to choose from and you can configure the tools to suit your own needs. Review Norton promo codes for ways to save.

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