Classic From the David Yurman Designer Jewelry Collection

The Cable bracelet is an iconic design by David Yurman, which has been the cornerstone of his line of jewelry for more than three decades. Created by an ingenious process, this twisted helix adorned with gems became a classic piece of designer jewelry. The cable motif won two rare design trademarks in the United States, and was soon recognized throughout the company’s other collections. In addition to being a unique style, the cable is an ideal combination of masculine and feminine, making it ideal for men as well as women.

The Cable motif, also known as the helix, gives David Yurman’s jewelry its signature design. This elegant, multi-strand cable bracelet is made from a combination of sterling silver and yellow gold. This cable style adds depth and movement to each piece. It has featured in numerous collections by David Yurman. Inspired by ancient architecture, David and Sybil created the design by incorporating their mutual interest in color and form.

The cable bracelet is a timeless classic from the David Yurman designer jewelry collection. This piece is available in a variety of metals, including a gold and sterling silver combination. Another option is a gold or diamond and gem combination. The colorful gemstones used by David are perfect for men’s jewelry, and they have a distinct look. Whether you are looking for a ring or a necklace, a cable bracelet is a timeless choice.

The Cable Bracelet is a Timeless Classic From the David Yurman Designer Jewelry Collection

The new flagship store in New York City is one of the most stunning places to shop for the line’s jewelry. With 5,000 square feet, the space pays homage to New York’s vibrant, colorful culture. Rose gold elements are an integral part of the new flagship store. The store also features a custom-designed wood ceiling and a three-story entryway. It is easy to understand why David Yurman’s designs are so admired by so many women and men alike.

The cables are the hallmark of the David Yurman line. Often known as the helix, the Cable motif features a series of smooth metal rods that gently twist. The designs of the jewelry are unique and feature the helix, which is a reference to the intertwined forms of nature and ancient architecture. It is also a popular design in the David and Sybil Yurman collection.

David Yurman has always used a helix motif in his pieces. The Cables are small metal rods that gently twist, adding depth and movement to jewelry. The helix motif has appeared in several collections by the designer. In the early seventies, the pair began designing jewelry using intertwining forms in nature. In the following years, their designs have grown to encompass a variety of styles. A ring by David and Sybil Yurman is a great example of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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