A Rottweiler with too much energy can be very tiring for the owner. When you leave your Rottweiler alone for a few hours and come home to a dog who literally can’t stop whining, the first response is often frustration and anger. But, for an overly energetic Rottweiler prone to emotion, anger is the last thing he wants to display. You may be feeling tired, but your dog is ready for action!

Many owners are trying to understand what is causing this level of arousal in their Rottweiler. It can be hard to pin down exactly where all the barking emotion is coming from, but in other cases it can be as simple as sheer boredom.

Helping your bored rottweiler

A bored dog needs one thing: more attention. And for a dog like the Rottweiler, that attention should come in the form of as much exercise as possible. More than 90% of the time, the biggest culprit here is that his Rottweiler is allowed to sit around the house and do next to nothing. That inaction can make it difficult for your dog to relax and enjoy life with him. But how much exercise do Rottweilers really need?

Rottweilers were originally bred to work very demanding jobs such as cattle herding, guarding, and law enforcement. If you have chosen to own one of these types of energetic dog breeds, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that your Rottweiler needs a LOT of exercise. I’m talking about 2-3 hours a day of walking, playing or running to stimulate your desire to work.

Dealing With Your Rottweiler’s Separation Anxiety

Sometimes over-enthusiasm can be a simple matter of anxiety related to your comings and goings. As a first step, stop rewarding your Rottweiler for excited greeting behavior when you return home. You will only make it worse for everyone in the long run.

Instead of giving your Rottweiler extra attention when you get home, ignore him for about 10 minutes and never allow him to jump on you. When you have more time, you can start teaching him to stop reacting so vehemently when it’s time to leave the house. This can take a lot of time and patience. You will simply be going in and out the door for very short periods of time, lengthening the amount of time your Rottweiler will be alone. Leave your dog with an interesting toy, like a peanut butter-filled kong, and his own sleeping space.

Calm an unruly Rottweiler

The easiest way to calm down a Rottweiler who is overly nervous, assuming he is getting enough exercise, is to train him. Thinking about your commands will make your dog use his mental abilities, giving him much-needed mental stimulation. The smarter the dog, the more work he needs to thrive.

This starts with teaching your dog that you are the alpha pack leader, in complete control of your home. You will then need to train your Rottweiler in basic obedience commands like sit, stay, lie down, and shut up. When your Rottweiler is intently focused on following your instructions, he will forget the source of his excitement and will achieve a calmer state that is much easier for you to control.

Not all Rottweilers will completely calm down. Some individual dogs are more excitable than others. But, any time your Rottweiler gets so excited that he violates your family’s schedule and daily activities, you’ll need to give him extra attention to help reduce that excess energy.

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