If you want to live in Hawaii, you need to plan ahead to survive living in one of the most expensive states in the US Hawaii’s cost of living is much higher than in the continental US.

Two of your biggest concerns would be the cost of housing and food and finding a job that allows you to pay your bills. Rents in Hawaii vary by city or town, but expect to pay $ 600- $ 1,000 for a studio and $ 1,500- $ 2,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment per month.

About 90% of all groceries and other supplies in Hawaii are imported, driving up prices. Dining out can also be expensive, depending on where you eat. Breakfast costs between $ 5 and $ 8, lunch costs around $ 12, while dinner can go from $ 12 to $ 30.

What makes living in Hawaii seem all the more impossible is the fact that the islands lack high-paying jobs. Engineering jobs, for example, are harder to find than waitress jobs.

But don’t be put off by these facts. With the right knowledge of where to live and dine cheaply and where to buy food at a good price, you will be able to live comfortably on the islands even on an average budget. Here are some tips on how to get around and enjoy life in Hawaii.

* Get familiar with Hawaii. Check online travel websites, magazines, and books for information about the islands, from their beaches to their restaurants. Get a detailed map of the islands to get an idea of ​​the direction even before you arrive.

* Understand Hawaii statistics, such as the median real estate tax and the population density of its towns and cities. This can help you choose the right island of Hawaii to move into. For example, Oahu is more populated than the other Hawaiian Islands. If you want to be surrounded by fewer people and prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, then you should choose other islands like Kauai and Molokai. However, Oahu has the best job opportunities. Unemployment on the other islands is higher than on Oahu.

* Look for cheap apartments by reading the local newspapers. You can check out affordable apartments on the online websites of local newspapers, such as The Honolulu Advertiser and The Star Bulletin (honoluuluadvertiser.com and starbulletin.com). Hawaii Craigslist is also a good website to search for local apartment listings. You can also find roommates on this website to share a place. Compare rent amounts, contact advertisers for lease terms, and request photos. To save on rent, consider sharing the space.

* In order to handle the cost of living in Hawaii, of course, you would need a job. Craigslist is a good website to start your search. Also check local newspapers. Other sources to look for are local employment agencies like Altres.

* Find and use weekly specials to discover the best deals of the week or month.

* Get your groceries and other similar necessities at affordable chain stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Wal-Mart. You will also save a lot if you buy in bulk.

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