If you are of Czech descent or just interested in Czech culture, you will be happy to know that there are several vibrant Czech communities scattered throughout the United States. Here is a list of the ten communities with festivals that celebrate Czech culture …

Across the United States, there are numerous communities where people of Czech descent have settled over the decades. Many of these communities celebrate this heritage with an annual festival that brings together people who enjoy music, food, and cultural traditions.

Each of the listed communities has an annual festival, with most lasting two or three days and taking place over a weekend. You can find more details about each festival on our website.

Here are our top ten favorites:

Tabor, South Dakota: Usually held on the third weekend of June, this festival often draws 10,000 people, dwarfing the actual city. Tabor has a population of around 500 inhabitants.

Wilber, Nebraska: This central Nebraska community, not far from Lincoln, has an authentic cultural shopping district on its main downtown street. It was named the Czech capital of the United States in 1987. The celebration generally takes place on the last weekend of July or early August.

Victoria, Texas: About 45 minutes north of Corpus Christi, Victoria is a great small Texas town that celebrates both barbecue and its heritage.

West, Texas: Held in early September, this weekend celebration attracts more than 25,000 visitors and has been held continuously since 1976.

Wilson, Kansas: Held the last weekend in July, you’ll find an authentic beer garden, a beauty pageant, and plenty of authentic food in this small community in central Kansas.

Yukon, Oklahoma: This is a kind of October party and it takes place on the first Saturday in October. Food, drink, music and entertainment abound.

Clarkson, Nebraska: This northeast Nebraska community hosts its annual heritage festival in late June. It is a three-day event that draws visitors from several surrounding states.

St. Louis, Missouri: Held in April, this spring festival features cooking demonstrations, fashion shows, and a hearty dinner.

Lincoln, Nebraska: One of Nebraska’s most active heritage communities and capital, this vibrant little town has a spring festival with an emphasis on music, crafts, and authentic food.

Taborville, Ohio: Taborville is about 25 miles east of Cleveland. They usually hold a one-day celebration on a Sunday in July.

The largest Czech communities in the United States are in central Texas, Nebraska, and the Chicago metropolitan area. Near the west, the Chicago suburbs have some of the best Czech restaurants in the country, with authentic food, drink and décor.

If we had to name our favorite Czech restaurant, it would be the historic Bohemian Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska, south of downtown. In operation since the 1920s, it doesn’t get more authentic than this! The portions are lovingly prepared, generous, and inexpensive. If you visit Omaha, this is a great place for lunch or dinner.

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