If you’ve been a constant follower of the How to Get Wii Points articles, chances are you don’t need an explanation of what Wii Points are. We don’t need to get into how wonderful the Nintendo Wii Channel is right now. You’re probably sick of reading that right now. So in this article I would like to talk about some other elements.

Some people may be among the group who feel that the old classic released by Nintendo during the early years should be released for free. They feel that spending more than $ 250 on a console should be enough without spending extra money on games that were originally on sale twenty years ago in some cases. Let me explain the rationale as to why Nintendo decided to release the purchase of its video games through the Wii Points system.

Obviously, the games you know from the past; classics like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. They are no longer on the market unless you include eBay or flea markets. Which means that Nintendo has a pretty big cache that they are in. These video games were no longer legally available to the general public, so it makes perfect sense to re-release them to make money; since there is adequate interest, which is obviously in abundance.

A little background to help the reasoning make more sense. In the good old days around 1990, Nintendo was on top of the world. His original Nintendo Entertainment System was a revolutionary system that took the world by storm. With the launch of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, they had cemented their place at the top of the video game world. In the next few years, Nintendo released the N64 and Gamecube systems respectively and things started to slip a bit. These systems were quite good and several excellent titles appeared that are considered classics even now. Except for one problem; the competition got bigger.

Nintendo fell from the number one spot for several years, but with the recent launch of the Nintendo Wii they are back on top. What better time to start reintroducing the public to their old favorites. But why make us pay for them? Why not let anyone who buys a system download each game for free out of the goodness of their heart? While they could do that, here are several reasons why the current Wii Points system is really a good thing.

First, even though the average person enjoys free stuff, accept it, if you had the opportunity to make money from video games released twenty years ago through a system like Wii Points, then you would have a chance. It has little cost and contributes a considerable amount that only helps the Nintendo company in the long run. Nintendo has been known for its major system launches at lower prices than its competition without losing quality. With these Wii Point titles to complement them, Nintendo can continue to do just that.

Along with the Nintendo titles released on the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel, there is also a large selection of non-Nintendo video games. Titles released on Sega, Neo Geo, etc. they can be found when you spend your Wii Points. Video games that weren’t even part of Nintendo. They obviously bought the rights to these games and these even rarer titles are now available for you to enjoy.

Finally, could there be a more convenient system? I’m sure you already know the process that includes buying the Wii Points card in a store, scratching the hidden password and proceeding to feed your Nintendo Wii with the points used to buy these video games directly from Nintendo. It is an excellent system. Once downloaded, these games are yours to enjoy for as long as you want. Hours and hours of nostalgia are at your fingertips. The price is not much. Most of the games are only $ 5. Nintendo is even starting to release original titles on its Wii Points channel and they are getting good reviews.

I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo. The only relationship I have with them is being a fan since I got my NES twenty years ago. Obviously, I’m not trying to sell you anything, I’m just trying to spread the word about a system that has been in development for years. Check out the Nintendo Wii Shop channel and try some Wii Points. Read some of my previous articles on how to earn Wii Points and get started.

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