More and more in today’s society, I am discouraged by public prejudice behavior that mocks people who deviate from our perception of what is normal and acceptable. I witness, on a daily basis, people walking past each other, competitively scrutinizing each other. Women, children, men and boys are all guilty of this judgmental behavior that most commonly occurs in groups and is responsible for the increasing number of people suffering from an inferiority complex in modern society. I myself have been the subject, for no valid reason, of this form of public ridicule that is rife today and is not a pleasant experience. The girls make fun of each other’s clothes, the older ones criticize the younger ones, the ‘trendy’ ones punish the ‘nerd’ ones. No one escapes this rivalry for the same reason we exhibit this behavior in the first place: because we are all different, unique, and this is the force we should all celebrate, not try to eradicate.

Racism and class prejudice is a taboo subject that, if someone pronounces it out of context, is considered unacceptable. So why do we paste photos of celebrities in vulnerable states of emotional or physical fragility onto glossy magazine pages to allow others to enjoy humiliating them? I find it disturbing and very unsettling. In a mufti racial and cultural society, surely we should work to be more accommodating of differences and understand how broadening our horizons and learning to look beyond the superficial level of detail of someone’s initial appearance is food for the soul. It shouldn’t be armor we can put on to deflect our own fears of insecurity and insecurity. It doesn’t work in theory, if you laugh at someone for their differences, you may equally be subjected to similar humiliation for being different from that person’s idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnormality, so it won’t work in practice.

I really hope that if people read this, they take into account the message that I am trying to communicate to society. We are all responsible for this behavior. We all make fun of, judge and laugh at each other. But identifying a weakness in someone, openly holding and humiliating them because of our own narrow-mindedness only shrinks our little worlds to only support those who look like us, and what kind of boring, fascistic life does that entail?

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