benefits of choosing torch roofing

Torch down roofing is a great solution for flat roofs. It is highly durable and provides excellent protection for property owners. However, it is important to keep in mind that a torch down roof requires proper maintenance. Every roofer who uses a torch has at least one story of a dangerous project gone wrong. Often these stories result in serious injuries or even fires.

Torch on roofs consist of a combination of modified bitumen layers coated with waterproof resins. This material is strong and flexible and is able to withstand the cold and heat experienced by flat roofs. The material can also be repaired easily by adding patches of the same modified bitumen membrane. This type of roofing system also has insulation, a vapor barrier and an overlay board. Your roofing professional will install these layers before applying the torch roof membrane. The vapor barrier prevents condensation and moisture problems. It is a great choice for commercial properties that are prone to water and humidity.

Another benefit of Torch Roofing down is that it can be cut and shaped to fit a skylight or other design feature. This versatility can save you money on the cost of energy-efficient lighting and cooling. Torch on roofs are also very durable, so they will resist damage from walking on the surface and other external factors like falling objects. However, it is important to perform minor maintenance checks to prolong their life.

What are the main benefits of choosing torch roofing for a project?

Torch on roofs are designed to reflect UV rays, which will help keep the interior cool and reduce energy bills. This roof system also provides a watertight seal that will help to prevent moisture damage. This type of roof is usually made from several layers of fire resistant and waterproof materials that are bonded together using tar. The result is a robust and durable roof that will last for decades.

Unlike tar and gravel roofs, Barrie Roofing do not require a layer of ballast. This means that there is no need for gravel to clog drains or eavestroughs. Additionally, the lack of a gravel ballast will make the roofing system much lighter than tar and gravel. During the installation process, a roofing professional will apply an overlay board to the surface of your roof. This will act as a base for the rest of the membrane. The cap sheet is then rolled out, heated by the torch, and sealed onto the base. If you choose a three-layer system, there will be two cap sheets—one smooth and one granulated. Metal flashing is then applied to seal any features that penetrate the roof like vents or HVAC designs.

One of the benefits of torch down roofing is that it lasts longer than other roof materials. This is due to the fact that the heat welded seams provide superior durability. Torch on roofing also does not contain gravel ballast that could clog up drains or eavestroughs. This type of roof can also be easily adapted to accommodate skylights, vents and other roof penetrations. This is because the installation method allows for customization. Additionally, torch on roofs can be used in a variety of climates and temperatures.

Lastly, torch on roofing can be installed on flat or low-sloped roofs. However, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation. This will help prevent condensation that can cause severe water damage. It will also keep your space cool and comfortable during a hot summer. Regular inspections and maintenance will help prolong the life of your roof. This will help you save money and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

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