When everyone woke up, they were in a dark room. Wake up … the sound of a voice saying this word is all they remember. They are here now, in the world of Grimgar. The fairly large group of people is in a kind of medieval time. They meet up and are told that the way to earn money is to join the Reserve Army Forces and kill monsters. They have to kill monsters to earn money. Your items are trading well in the market.

Groups soon form, and of course there are always the rejected ones. These rejections came together, because alone their survival would be impossible. To become a successful group, they must choose a guild and be precise in their craft. The group consists of: Haruhiro the thief, Yume the hunter, Shihoru the wizard, Ranta the dark knight, Moguzo the warrior and Manato the priest.

They soon discover that hunting monsters, even something as simple as a lone goblin, is difficult. They try again and again, but they don’t succeed. It takes a while for them to learn how to work together and what it means to take the life of another living being. Eventually, they do, and it’s not a happy affair. Manato soon becomes the leader of the group. Plan strategies, bark orders, and discover all the information you can on the easiest hunting grounds.

Those who were once rejected soon become friends and grow closer after their daily adventures. Haruhiro, the main perspective of the story, always idolized Manato. I always found him doing his best to get more information or to make things easier for the rest of the group. In reality, Manato was doing the work of at least three people. He was the group’s leader, or strategist, their healer, and he would fight too.

They got good at hunting goblins. They began to develop more and more confidence. They even began to face two or three at a time, reaching even four. Confidence is key in a battle, but it can also blind you during that second critical. Unfortunately, happy times in Grimgar’s world don’t last long when every day is a fight for your life.

They were ambushed by a group of goblins while they were off guard. Haruhiro manages to jump in front of the first arrow, no doubt saving Manato’s life. They hit him one more time when he’s on the ground. Thanks to Manato’s map-making abilities and healing magic, the party appears to be escaping the ambush. It’s not until they get to the forest, security, that Haruhiro realizes that something is wrong with Manato. They had shot him in the back.

Manato falls to the ground, due to the magic of healing his friends, he cannot heal himself. There is nothing they can do. This is the world of Grimgar.


I would definitely recommend that you watch this anime! It’s still in its first season and it’s still rolling out (I’m up to date on the series and it’s up to episode 9). The story, the drama, the fighting, it’s all addictive to watch as you can’t foresee what will happen next. This is a different version of what the world of an RPG would be like. There are happy moments, but mostly there are sad moments, even scary ones. Grimgar’s world is a dreadful place.

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