In this article, we’ll look at some of the unscrupulous practices related to domain name registration, as well as some precautions to help protect yourself from being a victim.

Front-end domain name execution

This has been a people’s suspicion for a long time. It basically happens when people monitor the attempts of others to verify non-existent domain names and then buy them before the person making the inquiry can make a purchase. The intention here is to sell these domain names to interested parties at higher prices and make a good profit without making any effort.

Unscrupulous registrars

There are some registrars that record all the names you search for on their website. So if you are simply checking the availability of a domain name, they will buy it right away. This is anti-competitive more than anything else. You could register the domain at the price they advertise, but you can only do it through them. Other registrars will not be able to register this domain for you as they will see that it has already been sold.

Tips to stay safe from these types of scams

• The first and most important thing to do is make a list of the domain names you want to buy. This should be done even before visiting the registrar’s search page.

• Visit only the registrar with whom you plan to make a purchase. Don’t check the domain at other registrars just to compare prices. Don’t even look for it in a separate browser window. Those few seconds can be costly and you can end up losing your domain name. Take no chances.

• Once you see that a domain name is available, buy it right away. Now it might be available later. Don’t waste time dreaming about buying the domain name in the future. If you don’t plan to buy the domain right away, don’t look it up. Or just buy it and then plan your next move later. Whatever the case, once you verify the domain name, you must buy it immediately or risk losing it.

• Don’t make the mistake of posting your idea on a forum and asking others to recommend whether or not your choice of domain name is a good one. There will be many other people on the forum who could just buy that domain right away and then sell it for a higher price.

• If you can afford it, buy all the domain names you are thinking of and then work to determine which one is the best. Domain names don’t cost that much and you shouldn’t spend too much money on them.

Don’t make the same mistake newbies do when it comes to buying a desired domain name. Just keep the tips above in mind and you should be fine.

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