I’ve been to many hockey games in my life and I’ve been to a couple of NHL stadiums. I’ve been to the following arenas: Columbus Blue Jackets, St. Louis Blues, Nashville Predators, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, and Detroit Red Wings. All of these stadiums are very nice, but some stand out.

Number three: Chicago Blackhawks

-The Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls play at the United Center. This arena is the biggest arena I have ever been to. This stadium is huge. They have great food and they have a sports bar built into the stadium. The stadium has many historical pieces on display, making it a cool place to go. Outside they have statues of Michael Jordan and they have a statue of the hawks of yesteryear. This stadium has a great atmosphere and the fans are absolutely crazy about their team.

Number two: Colorado avalanche

-The Pepsi Center is located in downtown Denver. The stadium is located in a cool place. You can see the mountains in the background, which is really cool. The architecture of the building is great too. The building has a good part of the glass building. Inside, the stadium is just as cool. They have many different food options. They have the largest variety of food that I have seen anywhere else. It’s a somewhat small stadium, but it’s really cool. I would recommend to any hockey fan to go to at least one Avalanche game in their lifetime.

Number three: Nashville predators

-I recently went to a Nashville Predators game and let me tell you, it was amazing. I’m not a fan of the Nashville Predators, but I love the city of Nashville and the stadium is sweet. The entrance to the building is made of glass and is located in the heart of the city. The stadium is quite large and well-kept. The stadium is next to all the bars. They have a great variety of different types of food and they have a Dunkin Donuts there. Are you kidding me, a Dunkin Donuts? The “Fan Zone” is great too. Sometimes they give free food and drinks to the fan zone. The only downside to this stadium is that the fan base is not strong. After the games, the city closes the streets next to the stadium and all the fans crowd the bars. It really is something.

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