Themed weddings are the latest trend for grooms and grooms looking for a unique and memorable event. One of the most exclusive and classic settings is a wedding in Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Springs NY has a reputation for being a Victorian city, with a history rich in elegance surrounding mineral springs and luxury spas, horse racing, gambling and entertainment. The history of Saratoga Springs includes a long list of the “Great and Funny” of the day: the Vanderbilts, the Whitneys, and the Rockefellers, all of whom spent time here at one point or another. During its heyday, artists and stars frequented the luxurious Canfield Casino and other venues, spending thousands of dollars a day and relaxing in the fanciest hotels and spas.

Saratoga themed weddings offer a host of great ideas! The age of the big and nice, the social elite, and the ever-present racing world conjures up a host of ideas for your wedding invitations, colors, decorations, and gifts:

Saratoga’s signature Victorian style: Elaborate hats were the order of the day at Victorian Saratoga, and they make a wonderful themed wedding idea for both women and men! A little research on the famous era of the rich in Spa City will uncover some really cool insights into some of the traditions that are still fostered today by socialite and philanthropist MaryLou Whitney.

Thoroughbred horse racing – of course! Racing has been synonymous with Saratoga for generations. Wedding colors or invitations can be the colors of your favorite jockey’s t-shirt, with horse or racing related gifts, table decorations, and a stunning racehorse ice sculpture.

Game and health spas – Gambling and gambling offer lots of joyful ideas for your Saratoga wedding! Perhaps a bride and groom dressed as the infamous Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russell, both famous for frequenting Saratoga Springs during its heyday. Playing card enhanced table settings and arrangements … wedding favors may include a lottery ticket or handmade Saratoga soap or spa item.

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