A collection of 23 stories or narratives from the “Life stories from here and there” collection. As is always the case with Sudha Murty’s writing, this too has been impeccably written in a simple and elegant manner. Beautiful narratives, some that would touch your heart and others that would leave you wondering if such people really exist.

The book begins with the story of a young woman who runs away from home and how the author changes her life by buying her a ticket from Bombay to Bangalore. This girl works hard and in the end tries to pay the author in a simple way for having changed her life. In another story, a neighbor who is of another religion cares for a newborn baby, but as the child grows, they make sure he learns about his own religion and does not impose his religion or teachings despite raising him after His dad’s death.

There’s a story about a gossip monger, a story about a person who talks so much that he never listens to anyone, a story about a lazy guy who thinks that networking will help him succeed in life much more than hard work. . These stories are simple, they can be yours, they can be mine … but the way they are told leaves a mark on you. After reading, I’m sure you don’t want to be like the person these stories just described. You would like to change some habits, some mannerisms, and maybe your outlook on life.

One story, on the one hand, describes that there can never be a more unconditional love than a mother’s love, while another highlights that some people are so bad that they cheat on their own blood relative just to satisfy their personal egos and just better than everyone else. In another story, a poor lady from the flood-stricken villages of Odisha teaches the author a life lesson that being polite and accepting an offer from the host might not actually be the smart thing to do. The host may have trouble meeting your demands.

It’s worth reading, and it wouldn’t take long. These are short and simple stories that you can read on the go and some of them will stay with you in your heart, on your mind forever and some will just fade away like the newspaper articles you read day after day. But overall, this book is worth reading once, if not for the author’s life lessons, but for the sheer brilliance of the simple writing.

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