Every sixty seconds in America today, regardless of the economic climate, someone gets rich. That is, they will earn more than a million dollars or more in personal income. Why can’t that person be you? What are these people doing mentally to get to that level? This is what they do.

1-Understand how thoughts startLet’s say you are entering the job market. And a friend mentions, “There is a recession. There are no jobs.” Then you read a book called “The Recession is Here.” You will see the headline of the news, “Jobs are disappearing.” Everybody talks about it. Your hopes of finding a job start to fade and you stop looking before you even start. Why? Overexposure to hopelessness.

2-Practice avoidance: If you’ve never seen or heard of it, you can’t think about it. Avoid anyone or anything talking about bad news, bad economy, bad recession, illness, accidents, etc. You may think that you are being compassionate by listening to them, but what you are doing is expanding your awareness of those thoughts.

Exhibition of 3 practices: Since thoughts arise as a result of continuous exposure to a specific occurrence, concept, or idea; You may want to expose yourself to positive, encouraging, and inspiring events or events that can fill your mind with positive thoughts. Look for positive people and things to hear and see.

4-Premeditated: If you keep a positive mindset, you may not fit in everywhere you go and you may be forced to engage in negative conversations. Do not do it. Premeditate these moments and have something positive on hand such as a book to read, a goal to visualize, a journal to outline plans for the achievement of your goals, etc. Remember, the more you talk about something, the more deeply it becomes ingrained in your mind.

5- Silence is better: Some people are uncomfortable leaving spaces for silence in their interactions; They may feel uncomfortable and start talking about something nervous, controversial, or negative to fill in those gaps. Please tell them that it is okay to remain silent. And that silence is just another way to communicate.

6-track hit: Think about some of the actions you have taken in your life that have brought you the most success. Track which series of thoughts or beliefs commanded those actions. See if you can figure out where those thoughts started. Perhaps you can trace them to a source where other powerful thoughts can germinate.

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