There are plenty of beauty products on the market that claim to redefine the effects of aging and skin care, with the aim of offering a lot of promise to middle-aged women who definitely don’t want to show their age. Cindy Crawford’s Significant Beauty and Victoria Principal’s Reclaim are two of the most popular products on the market. Both products are aimed at women looking for a worthy product that is effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, reversing sun damage, and preventing premature skin aging. Reviews for Significant Beauty, as well as consumer reviews for Reclaim, have been overwhelmingly positive and both products consist of a complete skincare line that should be used daily in place of all other products that collect dust. in the medicine cabinet so which is the best? You may have to try both to decide; but the following information may reveal your best bet when it comes to a new age-reducing skin care regimen.

Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty skincare line has been developed and endorsed by a dermatologist named Dr. Sebagh, who is well known as the skincare specialist to the stars. The product line is based on scientific research showing that collagen and antioxidants are the main beneficial nutrients for our skin and the key ingredient is an extract from a rare French melon that contains a high level of antioxidants. Significant Beauty has a very distinctive scent to their skin care products that is a result of the rare melon. Consumer reviews suggest that the scent is very attractive. The creators of Meaningful Beauty have literally patented the phrase “age maintenance” and claim that this product with antioxidants, collagen, lipids, coenzymes and minerals will not only diminish wrinkles and fine lines, but also prevent new ones from appearing. This Meaningful Beauty skincare line comes with a $29.99 30-day introductory offer and a money-back guarantee and the price goes up to $110 for 3 months after the trial period. This makes Meaningful Beauty not only revolutionary, but also well priced for the average user.

One of the downsides to this system is that the products and creams only have an SPF of 20. While the scent is appealing to most, there are some consumers who felt it was too strong and even overpowered perfume. Most consumers who used the product as designed (i.e. all products from washes, scrubs, to lotions and night creams) saw some results and it appears to be effective in removing redness and smoothing skin. . However, some dermatologists claim that Meaningful Beauty’s claims to undo the effects of sun damage are false because sun damage drastically reduces elasticity and the deeper layers of the skin. Overall, the product seems to receive a rating between 7 and 10 (out of 10) from consumers, indicating that the product is useful and effective as designed.

Victoria Principal’s answer to Meaningful Beauty is a skin care line called Reclaim. Reclaim has become very popular, probably in part due to its low introductory offer for a 30-day supply of $19.95. One of the secrets of Reclaim, part of the Principal Secret line, is the patented moisture-lock technology that ensures the products provide a time-released moisture seal that will help reduce lines and wrinkles. The science behind Reclaim is that by delivering a continuous flow of moisture to facial skin from the epidermis; it will remain foldable and the appearance will be smoother, softer and younger. Whether Reclaim is tackling sun damage, frowns or brow lines, hydration is the key to the products’ aging reduction claims. The products also include exfoliants and a minimum SPF of 20. Reclaim is also sure consumers will be pleased that they also offer a money back guarantee and have great deals for the first 3 months of use that can reduce the monthly cost by anywhere from $5-15 dollars per month.

Reclaim has received positive reviews as a whole. Most consumers report that their skin feels smoother, more supple and fine lines are reduced within the first week of use. Other consumers felt that the ingredients were too greasy and left a residue on the face that caused breakouts.

Essentially, both products are worthwhile skincare lines. One of the problems is that both websites have great pricing structures from the first month to the third, but then the prices go up dramatically. Unfortunately, few customers are aware of this at first! For women with very dry skin, the Reclaim system may work a bit better as it was developed with hydration in mind. For other women who suffer from acne, redness, or who don’t have overly dry skin, Meaningful Beauty’s skin care system may work better as it is more abrasive and has some harsher ingredients that can help clear up acne. It may be convenient for consumers to sign up for the free trial period and try both products side by side to see which works best. Please note that canceling both products in a timely manner is important to avoid being charged to your account, which has been the biggest consumer complaint for both products.

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