The environment is the refuge of human life. Its rampant degradation at this time requires the most urgent attention from scholars in all fields. Many environmentalists and biodiversity conservation enthusiasts like myself believe that designing effective strategies to stop this canker of people’s harmful attitudes and activities requires a pluralistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Solid reliance on a truncated approach to science and technology to find solutions to the global environmental threat cannot yield the greatest benefits. This is due in large part to the multifaceted nature of global environmental challenges that demand good collaboration between various academic disciplines.

To illustrate, the world needs economic and mathematical knowledge from economists and mathematicians on how to effectively manage biodiversity resources, establishing the correct measure between use and conservation (sustainability). Scientists, engineers, and technocrats must develop new technologies such as biomimetics and other biotechnological approaches to maintain endangered species in our environment. Artists should reinforce awareness campaigns through their well-designed communication design tools. Anthropologists, bodybuilders, and religious people must strategize on how to change people’s weak and / or misbehaving attitudes by choosing powerful lessons from their cultures (norms, religious beliefs, values, ethics, statutes) to appeal to their morals and influence. in them. participate in activities that respect the environment, protecting nature that human beings serve as trustees or custodians. Historians must help us trace what went wrong by nibbling the global environmental situation in the mud. This would reliably inform us what went wrong and how we can change the wrong decisions humans made in the past, so that the past does not continue to haunt us. Farmers must strategize and inform us about improved agricultural practices that would not worsen the global environmental situation, but would nourish the soil, save habitats, and enhance the growth of plant species in the environment. Foresters, conservationists and wildlife specialists must show us practically the measures to mitigate the abuse of biodiversity in the environment. Legal experts must devise strategies on how to establish strict laws that, when implemented, will be strong enough to prevent those guilty of environmental misappropriation from changing their attitude while serving as a powerful deterrent against others from following in their vile footsteps. .

Law enforcement officials, military professionals, and police personnel must ensure that environmental laws, rules, and regulations are working to strengthen the processes of implementing the environmental policies, strategies, and conventions that are enacted.

Inputs from every field of human endeavor, some of which are not mentioned here, but which would play an equally significant role in stopping global environmental challenges collectively, can produce the most beneficial results in saving the environment, our home and our lives. the hope of survival for the inhabitants. human generations. Arguably, the global environmental condition requires international collaboration between scholars from various fields of study if there is any hope of providing a powerful weapon to get rid of the sad condition of the global environment.

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