The baby was crying all night. He had that hideous allergic rash on his skin that itched constantly, so the boy tried to scratch himself. Only in the morning did the parents learn that the child had bled. They were too tired at night to notice and too preoccupied with easing the boy’s pain. In the morning, the boy fell asleep, but the parents could no longer sleep. The mother had to take care of the older children, prepare them for school and the father had to take the children to school and go to work. When the children came to the kitchen and saw the parents, they were terrified. His parents looked and moved like zombies.

Sounds familiar? Did that happen to you? Did you try to do everything you can to help your baby fall asleep and get some sleep? If so, keep reading. There are some simple ways to soothe baby’s itchiness and prevent your child from scratching himself to blood.

A rash on your child’s skin may be a symptom of a food allergy or another allergy caused, for example, by the washing powder you use, soap or shampoo, the presence of pets, dust or house mites. dust and many other allergens. In that case, you will have to find the cause, but before we do, let’s see how to reduce the itching effect of the symptoms.

One of the best ways to relieve itching is the starch bath. To prepare a starch bath, you will need:

1 tablespoon starch (potato starch and rice starch are best)

2-3 teaspoons of cold water

1/2 l (about 1 pint) of boiling water.

First mix the starch with cold water. Then put it in the boiling water and mix well. Boil for a while until it thickens.

Pour the mixture into the bathtub and add water until it reaches a temperature of 37 degrees C / 99 degrees F.

Bathe your baby for about 15 minutes WITHOUT any other cosmetics.

It helps very often.

The next thing to remember is that itching can be triggered and increased by inappropriate clothing. Pajamas or nightgowns can be too harsh and irritate your child’s skin. You must take special care to dress your baby in soft and natural cotton clothing that not only does not irritate the skin, but also helps it breathe. The same goes for bedding. The sheets should be as soft as possible, so natural cotton seems again the best solution.

Finally, we have to protect the child from scratching during sleep. Both children and adults scratch itchy spots without waking up very often, and they can hurt themselves this way. The easiest way to protect your child from scratching his body is to put mittens made of a soft material on his hands. This way, even if they scratch, they won’t hurt themselves.

Of course, these are basic things, but trust me, they can save you many sleepless nights if you apply them.

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