Well, it started with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and ended with the game console, but is there anyone else who craves that long-dissipated thrill of choosing their fighting adventure / fantasy style game book?

Well, with the advancement of mobile phone apps, they are making a huge comeback and a new generation is enjoying the retro excitement of an adventure that is the star of the show.

But that’s not what I want to talk about here. Yes, they were fun at the time, but they’ve had their day. It is not like this?

Apparently not, as there is a new explosion of writers who have reopened Pandora’s box with the belief that despite the new polygon push processors on our HD displays, there is still no console with such complex and capable wiring. to imagine palpable science fiction. like our own brain. Well, most of our brains.

I searched the internet for a high-scoring game book that I could get my hands on (yes, my actual hands, not on the other end of a gamepad) and found a plethora of options. The best was from Sandboxer Books, which are new to the game and boy was I happy I picked it up! The original Fighting Fantasy books were an open pit that I spent hours of my childhood in, each of which spans 400 ‘chapters’, but this one has 530 long passages. It’s huge. I enjoyed it a lot. I spent a lot of time with it. Now I need more.

It’s called RED DOG and it’s from author Chris Young, apparently his first foray into this genre (at least I could find). Now this is a “choose your adventure” with a difference. Have you ever sneaked back under the cover of darkness to your childhood and ate another bite of the Fighting Fantasy cherry? Well, this adventure is better written, it is longer and free roaming. You heard it here, friends. This time you are not forced to follow the garden path on a linear adventure. You can go wherever you want. It really is like having another world in your pocket. That is if you have clown pockets because if you want a copy you better have a high shelf. They are 9 by 6 inches!

Here are the specs: –

This is not the Earth you remember. Dragged from the present into this dark and dangerous future, you have complete freedom to discover the hidden secrets of Earth, the ‘Eden’ space station and the mysterious Blackbird facility. Discover a determined threat to the freedom of humanity and take part in the revolution. The future is in your hands. RED DOG: A complete fantasy role-playing game. Free roaming * A whopping 530 passages of text * An expansive universe spread across three worlds * Detailed illustrations, maps and plans * No dice – trust your ingenuity and courage * Search every corner of the RED DOG universe * Deeper interactions: talk to anyone you know * Get a head start and get better with bioimplant technology * A new generation of role-playing games for a new generation of gamers. ”

Give it a blast and help me push these guys to write another one! Here’s my review on Amazon:

I bought this because it used to be in the Fighting Fantasy ‘Choose Your Adventure’ books and thought I’d give it a try. The wick on the front is great. The book blew me away. I really didn’t expect to be so drawn to her, it’s a very deep experience and I like the way you start off without remembering how you got there and everything is explained along the way.

Compared to the books I read as a kid, it is much more challenging and much bigger too. It is a great book. The visuals are great, although I would have liked to see more and the gameplay is quite different from the FF books, but I think it is for adults.

There are no dice. Anyway, I never used dice so I didn’t miss that. It uses a kind of code system, so you will need a pencil to write them. For example, at one point I had a ‘Stealth’ chip implanted in my brain so I could use it anywhere and basically disappear. The way you can go back to places you already visited and use it is great. Add the code to the page to use ‘Stealth’, which means you are not limited in how or where you use it. This gives you a lot of freedom and means that you can do whatever you want.

There is much more freedom instead of being linear. He just wandered around, looking for things. There are books hidden everywhere that are one story and are fun to find and read. Everything is connected and makes it rewarding to look around you. And another thing I liked was that they didn’t kill me for something that wasn’t my fault. The wick is great. You have to learn to control it, which is a great idea, but I don’t want to screw it up, so I’ll just say give it a try.

Overall, I highly recommend it. Definitely a big jump from the old school books. I wanted to get another one but this is the only one I could find of these guys, hopefully they will release another one, I will definitely play it. ”

So there you have it guys. I will email Sandboxer if I can find them and request a second book. Read this and you will do the same!

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