It was a phenomenon that began in 1982; Warhammer was originally a tabletop war game played with miniature soldiers and other types of units. Players would then decide which obstacles and terrain to use. Warhammer then became a popular game and therefore a loyal following emerged and eventually the Warhammer game became a whole new universe; a universe in which war is the way of life.

Warhammer is home to different races and kingdoms that include the human kingdoms known as Empire, Brittonia, among others. Then there are the dwarves who are experts in crafting and creating different weapons of war that often live in the mountains. The High Elves, known to be the best users of magic. And of course you have Chaos, the race that strives to corrupt and destroy the rest. There are also the Lizardmen, the Greenskins and the Skaven. In Warhammer, every race is involved in one way or another in at least one war. Now, with Warhammer: Age of Reckoning you can choose a side, be part of the army and fight for your nation until no one is left in front of you; or no one stays by your side.

However, going to war is an expensive move. The goal is to fight one battle at a time and with each successful battle your team gains victory points and eventually the enemy’s territory. One by one, you and your allies must capture each zone or territory until you reach the main city in order to loot and loot it. This would require weapons, armor, siege equipment and other essentials to conquer the enemy and all of this comes at a cost; the cost of gold. To be as efficient as possible, gold is required to purchase the items and other equipment you need. But gold is hard to come by, so there are two options you can use.

First is the option to use real money to buy gold from gold producers, other players, and in-game websites. This is a common practice among massively multiplayer online role-playing games and is the fastest way to earn gold; however, this method is often prohibited and illegal. The repercussions of buying gold range from account suspension to permanent deletion of your account.

The other option is to use an online gold farming guide for Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Grinding and completing quests are the usual ways to earn gold, however this takes a lot of time and effort. With the use of an online gold farming guide, you will learn strategies and methods along with vital information on how to effectively take advantage of different opportunities to earn some gold. With this guide, you will be able to harvest gold faster and much more efficiently than before. And the best part of an online gold farming guide is different than buying gold, this is a legal tactic because you basically only share information from an experienced player with a new player.

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