Actually speaking, it is not very difficult to get men into bed. Men in general have a much higher libido than women and most of them are always ready for action. But, the challenge is getting them to really care. This is when you will need these hot sex tips that we have compiled for you.

  1. Take it by surprise. Men love it when women pounce on them. When they least expect it, grab his crotch. Take his penis in your hand while it is still flaccid and then make it hard. Men love it when their women take the initiative. It really hooks them.
  2. Another thing that men love a lot is if their women have any power over them. So you could try guiding the act. Make the first moves. Decide when to go to bed. Decide when to undress yourself and him. Decide what position to take. Be a tigress in bed. That’s what men find irresistible.
  3. Here’s a tip: take your penis to your mouth when it’s still flaccid and let it grow inside. Men love that feeling. Even you would love to see your man’s organ grow in your mouth.
  4. Get in the shower with him. Let me give you a bath. Men love these times because they can see your body in all its glory and lathering it up is a fantastic experience for them.
  5. Be versatile. Men love that. Don’t go through the same routines over and over again. You can try different positions and postures, you can do different things, you can even do something simple like keep changing the locations of your sexual episodes. All of these add to the arousal level of sex.

These are some of the most interesting hot sex tips that you can use to catch your man. Use them and you will find the difference.

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