For those of you who currently don’t know, Heelys shoes have swept the world and crept into all of our lives, especially if you have or deal with children. These shoes are everywhere! From shopping malls to schools and anywhere, Heelys shoes are sure to be found. But ask any of the kids or parents who are buying these wheeled shoes how the product is spelled, and you’re sure to get several different variations on the spelling.

The correct spelling is “Heely’saptly named for the company that designs them and for the nature in which they are used. Heelys Incorporated offers fashionable shoes with a wheel in the heel for sliding or “heeling,” the latest catchphrase for the product that heelers are embracing. Heelys shoes have been on the market since 1997 but have recently become all the rage in the juniors market, they are sure to grace the upcoming Christmas lists this season.

Due to the multifaceted use of the root of the word and the correct use of plural words ending in “and”, buyers are not sure what they are asking for. The most common misspelling of the brand is “heelies”. These consumers have the right idea, but the plural ending of the unique name is confusing them. As for “healing“Y”heal“Variations, a confusion between cures and bottoms of the feet are causing confusion. I’m not so sure these skate shoes are curing anyone, but there’s a lot to be said for any product that turns away the youth of today .from game consoles and outdoors, where you’re most likely to exercise!

When Heelys shoes first appeared in my presence and I was interested enough to buy a pair, my first question was how to spell the name of the product. Like any other product that catches my eye, I intended to research it online before handing over any cash. The first spell I received was from a twelve year old at my local mall who offered “healies” as his preferred spell. Oblivious to the trend of Heelys in general, I set out to do my research. Google complied with a staggeringly high number of search results, leading me to believe I was well on my way to making that first purchase. Most of the time, Google will offer the correct search term if you’ve missed the word, but not this time. When I inspected the first page a little more closely, it became clear that this was not the correct spelling. All the pages listed ranged from YouTube videos to ways to create your own Heelys out of regular sneakers. However, all of the sponsored listings used the correct spelling of the brand name to advertise their product. In no time, my search led me to the right channels to purchase my first pair of Heelys.

After spending some time watching this trend grow and running my own Heelys site, I find it amazing how kids react to this variation in spelling. Most don’t care, happy to go ahead and learn tricks to impress their friends. Die-hard heelers, however, seem offended by the misspelling of their favorite pastime and actually despise “imposters” who misuse the word. Log into any of Heelys numerous chat rooms and forums, and it’s safe to say someone will start this conversation.

I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Heelys has certainly used an excellent marketing plan for their roller shoes simply by incorporating the name and the confusion it can cause. As Christmas approaches and desperate moms comb the malls for last minute gifts, they need not worry about the correct spelling of the Heelys brand. No matter how your kids spell it, Santa is sure to be able to find Heelys!

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