Greetings and thank you very much for reading about volleyball drills. I want to share with you my favorite warm-up activity. I own two national championships and I am convinced that when the players participate in fun and entertaining exercises, the team will benefit enormously. Just as keeping employees satisfied will increase production, keeping players happy increases success. I can practically assure it. I also think that a pleasant and efficient warm-up is vital for the team to get into training. Start hard and finish hard. The team will assess it in the end.

Ten foot activity online

So this particular warm-up is actually a game. Separate the group into two teams and have one team on each side of the network. The game is played within the ten foot lines, so beyond the ten foot line it is out of bounds. The purpose is to win rallies, as in a standard game. You can play at 25, however it will exhaust them so I suggest you play a couple of games at 15 and a third if you need a tiebreaker.

The kicker here is that every time a person touches the ball, they must run and touch the baseline. So once they make contact with the ball, be it a pass, a set, or an attack, that player will need to run back to the baseline and then get back into action. The coach will be there to introduce balls into the game. I always like to give a ball to the team that just won the previous rally.

Don’t forget that players will be quite fatigued between games, so give them a second to catch their breath before starting the next game. Also, ask them to switch sides. That contributes to the feeling of authenticity and competence.

A particular rule that I include in the game is the following: if one side does not use all 3 contacts to pass the ball over the net, the whole team must run towards the baseline and return, while the other team uses their three strokes. Also, if you have too many players, you can play a version where the players race to the finish line and another player replaces them. That player must not enter before he reaches the baseline.

I guarantee that this warm-up will be productive and you will love to watch it. Try joining your players too.

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