I recently read a great article that asked the question: Why does the web love cats? It made me think. I went on YouTube and started looking for cat videos. Most of them were hilarious. Just search for “funny cat videos” and you will be overwhelmed. I started seeing them all the time while trying to figure out the magic recipe. What makes those videos fun? Why are cat videos even more fun and available than dog videos?

Cats are cute, but more importantly, they are curious. I think it is due to the curiosity and strong mind of the felines that provide endless fun material.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 funny cat videos on YouTube for a moment.

# 1. The Talking Cat: A kitten in a tuxedo “talks” in a husky voice that sounds too much like a human curse.

# 2. Cat Eats From Chopsticks: This furry looks awfully serious as he stands on his hind legs and eats … with chopsticks!

# 3. Cat shower: a kitten proceeds to drink water directly from a tap, but between “sips” he dips his head under the stream of water.

# 4. Boxing Kitten: An orange tabby cat watches a boxing match and punches the air.

# 5. The Loud Drinking Cat: All this cat does is dip its paw in a glass of milk and drink loudly.

# 6. Nora / Practice Makes Purr-fect. A kitten, Nora, rests her head on the piano keys with passion and expression, as she “plays” a tune with her paw.

# 7. Stalking cat: Not much happens in this case, except that we can see a cat stalking, as all predators do, and then run away in fear.

# 8. The OMG WTF Cat: This one comes with a warning. Don’t look to see if you feel grumpy.

# 9. Hungry, hungry kitty !: What’s new? I often refer to hungry cats as sharks.

# 10. Surprised Kitten: A baby kitten on his back is startled when he throws all four legs in the air when the human scares him.

All of those videos will make even those allergic to cats, literally or figuratively, at least break a smile, but in my opinion the best and really hilarious cat videos always involve a dog. We’ve all been brought up to believe that cats and dogs don’t get along, but for all you fans of funny cat videos, the secret is out – throw a puppy into the mix and you’re sure to get a cute, if not funny video. .

One more thing about funny cat videos. They are more likely to go viral!

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