Teleseminar services have become extremely popular in recent years. This valuable tool can be used for different purposes in many business models. This article will discuss four applications, some common and some more unusual.

1. Online businesses have been early adopters of these services, due to the geographical distances between businesses and their customers. Interactive classes are often conducted this way, as are promotional calls to introduce a product or service to a new market or to existing customers.

2. Physical retail businesses can also make use of this technology. For example, suppose the owner of a trendy women’s clothing store wants to promote her new spring fashion line while rewarding her loyal customers. She could send a link to her fan email list, announcing the event online. During the call, she could direct customers to her website, where she could show them photos of new arrivals. At the same time, she could explain the fresh and new trends of the season and, at the end, offer a special discount word or code. This code would create an incentive for customers to come in and buy!

3. Larger corporations can use this method of communication to train their employees around the world, from a single location. Such training calls can also be recorded and used later, saving the company money by not having to recreate the training each time a new employee is hired. Training can be scheduled at the convenience of the employee, on a flexible schedule. Employers could also have an “anytime” training barn for instances where an employee needs to work from home, such as in the winter when roads are sometimes closed due to ice or snow. Even if a large amount of work must wait for employees to return to the office, productive learning can still be accomplished from home on ever-relevant topics like time management or increasing sales.

4. Online learning has also increased in universities and colleges. With the exception of certain courses that require students to be hands-on to master the material, most classes are well suited to distance learning. This saves students a lot of money they would otherwise spend on commuting and allows more time for work, childcare, or other classes. Students with disabilities that make commuting very difficult are especially well served by this method of learning. Professors may teach from anywhere in the world and therefore colleges and universities may offer a wider variety of classes than might be available in the local area. In this increasingly global economy, students who learn to collaborate with students and faculty from other countries will have an advantage. This method of teaching classes allows for such collaboration much more easily than local learning.

These services can help companies train employees, provide marketing opportunities for retail businesses, boost an online business, and create global teaching and learning opportunities. From your favorite local clothing store to large corporations, online businesses, and universities, phone and online learning is certainly here to stay.

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