We’ve definitely seen a lot of iPhone clones since they were introduced, but the Fly Ying F003 is a new generation that grabs consumer attention. It differs from other knockoffs by having built-in WiFi functionality plus added real-time analog TV. These two functions, the low price tag and the features of the iPhone make the F003 the best iPhone clone on the market.

Have you ever tried the iPhone when it first came out? Well, for the time and money you spend with the new version of the brand, you will have better images and many more functions. Features include things like the dual SIM card for the phone, which allows you to have two different numbers to call. We all know that some people need this type of phone, because they leave the country on business trips. When you have the dual SIM card, having one number from the United States and the other from the United Kingdom helps.

The browser that the phone uses will provide easy access to all options. When it comes to finding stored phone numbers, as well as messages and other things on your phone, you will find that it is also very simple. You can play music on this smartphone and it has a good amount of memory that you can store songs in as well.

The screen size is a bit smaller, but that means it offers better screens and is not as distorted as the larger ones. The screen is small because the touchpad must fit on the phone. Are you a person who likes easy touch buttons? Well, for this phone, the buttons are very easy to use for anyone, no matter what.

The TV function is probably a feature that Apple will not include on the iPhone, which makes the F003 special. You can capture all your favorite channels right on your phone. What would your friends think about this feature?

The Bluetooth and the music player is another good thing about this smartphone. The speaker will give you quality sound and will not crack at all. The built-in Opera mini browser is another good thing about the clone, allowing you to use the phone as a mini laptop with web browsing functionality. Isn’t it cool?

Another great feature is the 2 megapixel camera, which allows you to send photos as soon as you take them. Did we mention that you can also record videos with the phone?

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