We spend a third of our lives in our bedroom, it is the room we retire to at the end of the day to rest, relax and recharge our internal batteries. That is why it is very important that our bedroom promotes a feeling of calm and that energy helps us sleep well at night.

The way we decorate our bedroom and the way we use, or in some cases abuse our bedroom, can work against us and prevent us from getting the good night’s sleep that our bodies and minds deserve. In this article, I share with you the ten most common problems I encounter with bedrooms and explain simple but effective ways to overcome these problems.

10 – Shelves in the bedroom

Having books in the bedroom and especially if you have a lot of books on a shelf stimulates your mind and does not promote a good night’s sleep. The easiest, and I must say the best cure, is to remove the shelves and place them in another part of the house. If this is impossible or impractical, cover the shelves with closet doors or fabric so that you cannot see the books when you go to sleep at night.

9 – A sleigh bed

Sleigh beds are becoming very common in the UK and I must say they look very stylish in a bedroom. However, the problem with this style of bed is that the head and foot curve, which can give the impression of putting pressure on the occupants of the bed. To cure this problem, you need to raise the power by placing something light on the bed, a crystal will work better, or a fancy lamp.

8 – Bed too low to the ground

If your bed is too close to the ground, the energy cannot flow underneath effectively. Ideally, beds should have enough space between the mattress and the floor. If putting the mattress on a base is not practical, then you can place a red sheet or cloth the exact size of the bed underneath to stimulate chi.

7 – Beams on the bed

Exposed beams above the bed cause problems in a number of ways. A beam along the bed can cause two people in a relationship to live separate lives, as it has the impact of dividing the couple. If you are not in a relationship, it can still be challenging as it has the effect of overwhelming a person and causing problems and concerns. A beam through the bed can cause disease in the part of the body that the beam crosses, so if you cross your legs, a person may find that they have aches and pains in the knees or legs, crossing the chest can cause pains in chest and breathing problems. and if it crosses the head the person may suffer headaches or migraines.

Covering the beam by placing a false ceiling or removing the beam entirely is the best solution, although this is often impractical and should be avoided if the beam is load bearing. However, there are other solutions that may be more practical and are just as effective.

Hanging two bamboo flutes from the ceiling above the bed so that they cross the beam and form the bottom of an octagon has the advantage of drawing any negative energy upward. Alternatively, you can disguise the beam with fabric curtains that are in the colors that correspond to the bagua area of ​​the bedroom, such as pinks and creams if your bedroom is in the kinship area, reds or turquoise if it is in the wealth area. or shades of green if you are in the family area.

6 – Sloping ceilings

With a beam-like effect, a sloped ceiling over the bed can make bed occupants feel the weight of worries and problems while they sleep. In this case, it is best to hang a crystal above the bed, remembering to hang it from a piece of red ribbon or thread 9 inches long.

5 – Mess under the bed

Clutter under the bed, whether in the drawers under the bed or stacked in boxes, has the effect of blocking the natural flow of chi around and under the bed. There is really only one cure for this, take out the boxes and store them elsewhere.

4 – Cabinets with mirrors

Many people seem to prefer mirrored cabinets, but they can actually disrupt the natural flow of energy and have a very destructive effect on a natural night’s sleep. If you really must have mirrored cabinets, try to find some way to cover them overnight, either by placing a decorative screen in front of the cabinets or by hanging a veil over the mirrors.

3 – Metal bed

A metal bed can disrupt the flow of energy around the bed and damage the relaxing effects of positive chi. If you have a metal bed, or even just a metal headboard, you can minimize the negative effects of this by covering the metal with a soft, sensual fabric, silk works best.

2 – Then bath

Private baths are now very common in most modern homes and it is very rare for you to participate in a course where no one has a private bath in their bedroom. The bathrooms are not bad, but they can, if not designed and decorated with care, lead to loss of chi. Make sure your bathroom is clear, the toilet, sink, tub, and shower are clean and in good working order, and make sure there are plenty of fresh towels, glass, and plants. To further strengthen positive chi in the bedroom, always make sure to keep the bathroom door closed when you sleep.

1 – TV or computer in the bedroom

Without a doubt, the most common problem I see in bedrooms is a television or computer in the bedroom. This is not really advisable, but I do accept that sometimes a bedroom has multiple uses. If you must have a television or computer in your bedroom, store it in a cabinet or cover it with a cloth or blanket when not in use. A television is a fast-flowing conduit of electrical energy that can damage sleeping patterns and lead to disturbed nighttime sleep.

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