One of the most exciting fights that ever took place would have been between these two MMA warriors. During their prime, Fedor Emelianenko and Chuck Liddell were two of the most feared men in their respective weight divisions. Fedor Emelianenko was a heavyweight, but he really could have fought at light heavyweight, while Chuck Liddell ruled the UFC 205 division with a squeeze of the screw. There would have been nothing short of fireworks if the paths of these two fighters had crossed.

Fedor was a legend in Pride. His battles again against Mirko Cro Cop, Kevin Randleman and Minotauro Nogueira are legendary. The heist he survived against Kevin Randleman has been an MMA video highlight for years. Fedor’s stand up was excellent, his wrestling was very good, but his Jiu-Jitsu was his best weapon, having subdued Mark Coleman (twice), Kevin Randleman and Matt Lindland. Fedor was a really well rounded fighter.

Chuck Liddell, on the other hand, was a stand-up specialist. Liddell was able to knock out any man with a single punch and his overhead right hand became his trademark move. Liddell rarely looked for takedowns in his fights and was rarely taken down as he had great takedown defense. He has had legendary matches against Randy Couture, Wanderlei Silva, and Tito Ortiz, just to name a few.

The match between these two legends would be very tactical at first. Fedor would be happy to keep the game going to prove himself against a world-class forward like Liddell. Fedor was never afraid to enter the realm of an opponent who was supposedly the strongest. Liddell would be very careful initially and wouldn’t want to over-commit to anything that would expose him to a takedown. We at ‘How to get in the UFC’ believe that once the first really hard hit connects with either one, all caution would go out the window. The fight would then turn into a back and forth slug festival and fans would go wild.

The match would then move on to the second round and it would be exactly like the first. The only difference is that Fedor would shake Liddell twice, but Liddell would survive to take the match to a third round. The third round would be extremely tight. Fedor would score a pair of tackles that would frustrate Liddell. The match would live up to all expectations, but finally Fedor would win this battle of legends by decision.

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