In World of Warcraft, no one wants to travel alone in Azeroth. Pets and mounts are the perfect companions during your quest. Whether it’s a cute and lovable seasonal pet or an ultra-rare mount, Zygor Guides has many features that can help you gather an army of miniature companions to travel with you on your quest, providing the player with endless comfort, entertainment, and fun.

First of all, what are pets, mounts, and companions?

Companion Pets – Pets are small, non-combative pets that simply follow the player’s character. Companion pets, with few exceptions, cannot attack or kill opponents in game. Unlike other mounts and fighting pets, you can have as many companion pets as you like.

Battle Pets: Battle Pets are pets that can be put into battle with other players’ battle pets. While companions can die on Azeroth, falling into lava, for example, battle pets can die during pet battles. Blizzard instituted a pet battle system in the Mists of Panadaria expansion.

Mounts: Mounts are the most wanted companions in WoW. Unlike companion pets that are used for companionship and battle pets that are used for fighting, mounts are used for transportation. Riding a mount is the fastest way to navigate Azeroth. The mounts are also the most expensive of the three companions.

How do Zygor Guides help players get more companions?

Similar to Zygor’s travel system that points players in the right directions to earn journals and collect gold during missions, Zygor also has a Zygor Pets and Mounts guide. This game guide points the player in the exact direction of the most wanted pets and mounts, and tells the player exactly what to do to obtain the rarest and most wanted companions.

Creature detector:

Zygor can quickly load all relevant information about a potential pet or mount it directly on the screen. This feature is used when you see another player with a desired pet or mount. Just click on the pet and Zygor Guides will tell you not only everything you need to know about the pet, but also how and where to get it.

* Additional feature * Battle Pro HUD:

With the new Mists of Pandaria feature that allows non-combat pet battles, Zygor Guides makes it easier than ever to become a pet battle pro. Zygor projects all the information about the opponent’s pets on the screen so that you can easily decide the best strategy to defeat your opponent.

Zygor Guides makes it easy for players who don’t have many pets or mounts to catch up with more seasoned players by getting companions that used to be reserved for newer players. Zygor Guides takes the guesswork out of the companion set, allowing players more time to play, while also getting a companion set that will be the envy of other players in Azeroth.

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