Well, there are some pretty big bets on the future of the automobile in America. Today, our government has insisted on very high CAFE standards, which means cars will have to get significant mpg ratings, in fact they will be required to get 54.5 mpg within the next two decades. This means the cars will be made of lighter material, or much smaller, and that certainly opens the door to budget cars with very small engines made in China and imported here, and I don’t think you can keep them. out with some kind of protectionist act through union lobbyists in Washington DC.

Why do I say you ask? It’s simple, General Motors is selling a ton of cars in China, and if we shut down our markets, they’ll wipe China out of the picture, not to mention the fact that a fair amount of the components that used to be made here in the US are made in China. and they are being put into our cars made here. Now since Chinese car dealers are pouring in here, one might wonder; How well will these Chinese-made cars sell in the United States? Well, they should sell pretty well. Do you remember the Honda car? They sold like hot cakes and got incredible mileage.

Also keep in mind that Warren Buffett has invested in BYD Motors, a Chinese automaker, and Warren Buffett does nothing for his health when it comes to his money. He can bet those cars will sell here, and they should sell pretty well if China can maintain its reputation for selling quality cars. Still, what if these Chinese-made cars are tainted with a bad reputation before they even get here? That is very possible. Also, China isn’t necessarily hitting a 1000 when it comes to safe products.

For example, consider lead-based paint on toys, poisonous pet food, chemical-laden drywall, or protein issues in livestock feed that send those canned goods into our marketplace. Still, it gets worse, and if you think Chinese cars will get here without any problems, safety issues, or health risks, you might be wrong. Let me give you a case in point.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on August 16, 2012 titled “Asbestos in Chinese Cars Australia Recalls 23,000 Vehicles, Rebacking an Industry Eager to Export” written by Gavin Lower. This is quite problematic as more and more Americans keep their cars longer, because the interiors get quite hot and those materials break down over time. In other words, it’s not much fun, it could kill a good number of Americans, and it could cost a pretty penny for all the cancer treatments trying to save these people, which is problematic considering the government is paying for anyone who doesn’t can afford health insurance.

So I’m pretty worried. I’m not against competition, and I think US automakers need competition, and I’m upset about crony capitalism and the Detroit bailout. However, if we’re going to have overregulation here, which I’m not in favor of, then we’d better make sure we don’t allow imported cars that carry health risks. That is simply unacceptable.

In the past, some of Detroit’s cars have been somewhat buggy and contained a lot of planned obsolescence, but they never put anything in the cars that would deliberately kill you, and China should know better than this. There is no excuse for it. In fact, I hope you will please consider all of this and think about it.

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