ChatBot Digital Marketing, which uses artificial intelligence technologies, can be a key component in any company’s marketing strategy in terms of guiding customers through a marketing sales funnel. The marketing funnel that would be programmed in the AI ​​ChatBot would be defined in relation to the products and services offered in the market of the company in question. The implementation of the particular social media digital marketing strategy may well be designed by a full service digital marketing agency.

When it comes to the effective development of a digital marketing strategy and its subsequent execution that requires marketing research, strategy formulation, content planning, link strategy and the publication of the content in question. In addition to the above, careful posting to portals and blogs of relevant content is necessary to expand the company’s digital marketing footprint and build brand equity.

The point that stands out is that publishing content alone is not enough; There has to be a key focus on promoting the company and building the business brand. If the company chooses to handle content marketing in-house instead of using a digital marketing agency, it will be necessary to purchase and subscribe to all the necessary software and keyword analysis tools in order to determine the correct content. direction to take for maximum social media marketing effectiveness.

So, keeping in mind that the content itself is not the main problem per se, we can turn our attention to the strategic use of how companies use chatbots for marketing: content will be strategically created and published on portals, blogs, websites and through social media channels then, in turn, users are directed to the company’s website where they interact with AI chatbots to implement the company’s digital marketing strategies.

Of the various social media marketing channels that can be used to post company-related content; With [say] the company blog and other authority blogs. Remembering that there will be associated links within each content; in turn, users are directed to the company website, which will take them to the strategic AI chatbot with all the associated calls-to-action that come into play.

The activation of the AI ​​ChatBot and the customer interaction and associated data that will be collected will in turn provide valuable marketing intelligence for the business in question. This could be in the form of questions asked by the ChatBot carefully guiding prospects through a defined marketing or customer service process.

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