There is a huge amount of useful and factual information available online. Unfortunately, it is also very easy to find incorrect or misleading information when searching online.

It can be quite difficult to determine whether the information you find on the Internet is good or bad. Every day, people simply looking to advance in search engine rankings post a lot of inconsistent information.

Have you ever read an entire article or website and found that you have more questions than you did when you started out? You have probably come across poor information on your internet usage time. There are different types of incorrect information available online; Read on to find a description of these different types.

Intentionally misleading information – If you’ve been browsing Wikipedia for a long time, you’ve probably come across a page that was blocked. This often happens when celebrities are embroiled in scandals or when they pass away. Some of the comments you may come across are totally inaccurate, while others can be controversial and subject to discussion on both sides of the issue.

Wikipedia administrators lock pages when there are too many edits that present false information. This is especially common for disreputable celebrity pages, who often have derogatory information posted on them. Visit the page of a controversial celebrity and look at the edit history; you will almost certainly see some of these edits. This is one of the negatives that comes with user-contributed sites, and these things need to be carefully examined when open source frameworks allow such easy access to the general public.

Unintentionally False Information – Wherever you look online, you will find someone claiming to be an expert and sharing their secrets. While they may not intentionally try to mislead you, they are often not 100% correct.

Always question the claims of any self-proclaimed expert online. You can check the facts behind their statements to make sure what they are saying is true. Most of these people are simply trying to make money and while they may not have any malicious intent, the end result still leads you to believe false information.

Despite all this, don’t be afraid to search for information online. There is still a great deal of useful information to be found on the Internet; Sometimes you just have to do a little more research and try to stick to reliable sources. Stick to these sources and they most likely won’t fool you.

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