The group program, as a service offering, in and of itself is a great way to help more people, let potential customers into your world at a lower price to experience your awesomeness, and as a great deal to complete a funnel. solid sales. .

However, if you’re just launching a group program without organizing it in a way that helps drive the other areas of your sales funnel, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table, probably more than you’d make from the program. .

I’m going to break down 4 ways how group programs can strengthen your “sales cone” and increase your income. There are a lot of nuances to all of these strategies (probably an eBook’s worth), so be sure to research each of them carefully when you’re implementing them so that they give you the expected success.

1. The group program itself: duh!

The first way to generate income from a group program is, of course, from the sale of the program! Now I know that you are an expert and provide valuable content. But if you don’t get the word out the right way to the right people, you won’t get paid the way you deserve.

The best strategy to boost your sales is to “pitch.” There are pitches and there are LAUNCHES. There are many moving pieces to a launch that need to work together seamlessly – they can take the form of a carefully crafted content marketing strategy, a well-crafted preview callout, a successful sales page, and well-orchestrated follow-up. sequence with attractive emails.

Many of these launch strategies can be powered by a good sized, loyal list, so even when you’re not in launch mode, make sure you continue to grow your list and communicate regularly with valuable content to build that “like” factor. , know and trust”. .

Which leads to how launching a group program can help you grow your income…

2. Use the preview call to grow your list

The preview call, also known as the release call, can be much more than just a tool for this single release. If you position it correctly and really speak to the needs of your target market, it’s an amazing way to grow your list.

While not everyone who signs up for the call will join your program right away, you’ve started the conversation. They are now on your list and you can continue the conversation to build an ongoing relationship.

If you nurture your list and share valuable information that is relevant to them, you’ll get a larger pool of potential customers to promote on your next pitch, and they’ll be “warmer” and more likely to buy.

3. Use program content to present your information products

You are not going to teach everything or solve every problem in a 4-week group program. Let’s say you are doing a 4 week weight management program. You touch on the cravings, but you don’t have time to go into every little detail about how to kick the sugar habit. So you can introduce the topic, raise awareness, give some tips, and then let the participants know that you have an information product to help them cut their sugar habit. Adding this information can probably help your customers get more results while streaming your show.

There are a few ways your information product can be integrated into your program to increase your income:

  • Advertise it as a bonus: People like bonuses that increase the perceived value of the package. Your package is more attractive to your market and you can charge a little more.
  • Add a “premium” package option: By paying a little more, people can get this “premium” version that includes one or two information products to help them improve their results. They get more goodies and you earn more money.
  • During the show, introduce information products as you come to a relevant topic and give your customers the opportunity to purchase them at a discount. This can be used in conjunction with the “premium pack” option – those who did not choose the “premium” version may still have a chance to get the materials (of course, they would pay a little more).

4. Invite participants to a discovery session

View your group program as the beginning of a fruitful relationship. At the end of the program, invite your participants to a discovery session to see how you can help them in their next step. This will most likely lead you to explore whether your 1:1 programs (3 months, 6 months or VIP day) are a good fit.

You want to catch them while they’re “hot”—you like them, know and trust you, as well as experience the results of your show. It is important that during the course of the program, you encourage your participants to share progress and success, to reinforce the value of your offerings.

Getting them to sign up for a discovery session is just the beginning. You need to rock that discovery session so you can confidently enroll as many people as you can in your high-level training programs – that’s where the money is!

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